Best Back-To-School Free Gift Ideas

Going to university or college can be daunting, whether attending for the first time or returning to resume study. Parents and friends are often anxious to offer the best school gifts, but thinking of what to buy can be tricky. More than just a site that offers inights into real no deposit bonuses, we can help with other free gift ideas - including suggestions from practical everyday items to ways to have fun.


A Planner Diary

The Best School Gift for Planning Ahead

Staying on target can be difficult even for the best of us, and some people are particularly scatter-brained and struggle a lot. Juggling a new living environment with the demands of studying in class, revising, perhaps looking for work, and trying to develop a social life, stay fit, and keep in touch with kith and kin can be a challenge for anyone. And that's where a planner diary comes in.

Unlike regular diaries, most planner diaries (editions do vary) are deliberately undated so that individuals can make use of them as and when necessary (which can be especially useful when there's a prolonged period of downtime and school's out). These special diaries can be used for all the usual things that you might want, such as keeping track of birthdays, appointments, deadlines, and exam dates, but there's a level of detail and personalization that takes them to the next level. Monthly reviews, quarterly goals, and sections dedicated to short and long term goals are ideal for students who need to knuckle down and achieve things both swiftly and over a long period of time. There are multiple brands available, including Clever Fox, Wordsworth Planner, Legend Planner, Scribble & Dot, and more, so you can find either the most straightforward or the most comprehensive option (or anything in between) to suit the gift's recipient. Take your time to get exactly the right gift and avoid buyer's remorse. This is a great little present to enhance someone's productivity and ensure they keep their focus, adding clarity to those who can become a little distracted and motivation to those who can sometimes lose their way.


Under Bed Storage

Smart Storage and Decluttering

While staying in student digs does offer many heading to university or college their first taste of true freedom, there are certain drawbacks. One of these is that student dorms are renowned for many things, good and bad, and one of the cons is that there's much less storage space than at home. Even just looking at the essentials of education, there's a need for a certain amount of clothing, books, shoes, and other gear such as electronics. Space is, therefore, at a premium, making an under the bed storage bag one of the best school gifts. Such bags are inexpensive and will significantly increase the amount of storage without occupying space that could be used for other things.

Another great space-making option is an ottoman. Available in various shapes and sizes to suit any given room, one common feature is that the ottoman not only acts as a storage device, but can double up as a stool or chair (or even a footrest). So it's not merely somewhere to keep your things, but has a practical function beyond that. Larger ones can be several feet long (so more a sofa than extra chair), while others come with handy side-pouches for quicker access for everyday items. Not only can the under the bed storage bag and ottoman help increase storage space, they also help to reduce clutter and occupy very little room themselves, making them nifty gifts for any student going back to school.


Gaming Distractions

Bonus Fun is the Best School Gift

While studying is important, it is not the only part of the education experience. Students also like to let their hair down, and one of the best free school gifts can often be something small and fun rather than practically useful for study or everyday life. One of the most popular, and flexible, party games enjoyed by adults old and young alike is Cards Against Humanity. Since its release in 2011, the game has earned a substantial following thanks to its irreverent humor, and it also benefits from being among the easiest and quickest games to play, allowing newcomers to rapidly get stuck in rather than having to ponder an extensive rulebook. There have been numerous copycat versions of the game that can either be played solo or integrated seamlessly into the main game. One that students of English literature might particularly appreciate is Bards Dispense Profanity, with answer cards featuring quotes from Shakespeare (watch out for Cupid's butt-shaft). Other similar games include Cards Against Disney/Star Wars.

There are more cerebral options available, if that suits the person you're buying for. Games like chess and draughts have been around for a long time but remain popular (and chess clubs are still a thing). In addition to buying a set, gifts can include lessons for playing chess or draughts, or even learning the best strategy for card games such as poker or blackjack. Not only is it a good thing for students to enjoy a little time off from studying, these games also represent great opportunities to make friends and socialize away from the stress of education.



Good Health, Good Eating, Good Gift

It's pretty straightforward, but one of the best school presents is a cookbook, and it's something that can give parents peace of mind as well as being handy for the student too. Often, those going to university or college are away from home for a prolonged period for the first time in their lives, which means a great deal of freedom and exploration but also the joy of realizing life's hard when your parents are not there to do your laundry, cleaning, and cooking. The last is especially important for health, so a cookbook covering everything from basics to slightly more complicated meals is a great way to nudge a budding cook in the right direction.

A great thing about cookery is that it can vary a lot, so whether someone is really into experimenting with complex culinary creations or just wants the most straightforward recipes that cover the nutritional basics, a cookbook can be ideal. The cultural spectrum is another strength, as national approaches to cuisine differ significantly. Japanese dishes tend to emphasize seasonal ingredients (many raw), with meat taking a backseat to rice, vegetables, fish, and noodles. French cuisine, by contrast, has a bigger focus on cheese and wine, with more preparation of individual ingredients and dishes as a whole.

Cookbooks can also come as part of a cooking package of little gifts, such as small but complete cutlery sets, and even, if you're especially generous, an air fryer. Or you could just go for fun and buy Wolverine-style claw knives. Obviously this will vary according to the individual, but cutlery, crockery, cookery books and more can all be a great way to help ensure someone has a better chance of staying fit and healthy.


Swiss Army Knife with USB Drive

The Best Free Gift

We've covered plenty of ground on our best back to school free gift list, but sitting at the top of the tree is an oldie with a fresh twist, something that's small but nevertheless will go down a treat: a Swiss army knife. These multi-tools have been cool for decades, and these days they are better than ever. In one handy little package they offer great utility, and nowadays do so in a way that's sleeker than ever. For those into old school chic, the classic opaque red covering is still available, or you can make it transparent. There are great options for personalizing your own knife as a gift, including silvertech and multiple camouflage coverings, plus black, white, and blue. There's even a wood collection (walnut looks especially good), and limited editions from dazzling Mexican colors to Chinese zodiac animals.

That covers the superficial stuff but the real reason that Swiss army knives have been popular for so long, and are still a great gift for those returning to college or university, is that they are incredibly useful. The precise specification can vary a lot (there is a huge range from which to choose, including special tools just for gardeners) but most come with a basic knife (perfect for opening the mail), a nail file (which everyone needs), little scissors, a screwdriver, and a keyring which is another always useful little extra. On top of all that, some models today come with a handy 32GB flashdrive, and having a sizeable USB stick is a fantastic way for students to back up their hard work. If you go down the personalized route you can even get the front and back engraved. And, for those really wanting to push the boat out, leather belt pouches to hold the knife are another optional extra. Just be sure you shop around to get exactly what you want to avoid becoming an angry shopper.

And that completes our look at some of the best school presents for those heading off to university/college. There should be something for just about everyone, from the space cadet that needs a hand planning to the hardworking student who could use a way to relax.