Who Are the Angriest Shoppers in the World?

When we think of angry shoppers, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the hordes of men and women arguing over items in a busy shopping mall on Black Friday or around holiday shopping periods. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of images of angry shoppers and YouTube is filled with videos of them too. We even see them on news bulletins and we probably wonder why. There are even dozens of articles providing tips for retailers on how to deal with angry shoppers as well as articles on things that make shoppers furious - so it's more common than you might think.

Believe it or not, research has shown that angry customers are those who actually stick to their goals and it can often lead them to make better, easier, and more satisfying decisions. In fact, the research showed that angry shoppers tend to be happier with their purchases, much like no deposit hunters who find the perfect bonuses.

NoDepositWow.com discovered that there were six studies carried out by Alexander DePaoli, associate teaching professor of marketing at Northwestern University and researchers from the University of Miami. These studies found a trend in that angry shoppers tended to stick to their product goals. It wasn't about anger making people buy things but more about how if you are already shopping for a specific product and something gets in your way or gets you worked up, you are more likely to become laser-focused when angry and you have the ability to tune out the products you don't want even if they come with a cheaper price tag.

Marketing and advertising are there to try and lure shoppers off course and we often find that sales try to convince shoppers they need something that they possibly don't. Let's say, for example, you go out to buy a laptop, but a more expensive, larger memory model lets you do more, and this leaves you unsure. The larger memory might be beneficial in the long run, but you came to purchase something within your budget. If a salesperson then arrives at that very moment you might be swayed to go for the larger memory model at a steeper price, but if you're in a bad mood, you're less likely to listen and you'll purchase the model that is right for you at that moment in time. You'll also probably be more satisfied with your decision.

The studies concluded that anger was found to help shoppers become more focused on their goals and choice, and more consistent. Angry participants in the study were found to be less likely to delay making choices and less likely to compromise.

Angriest Shoppers in the World

Top Angry Shoppers Around the World

Below are some of the stories that made the news concerning angry shoppers from around the world. There has been a massive increase in angry shoppers in the past year due to the current pandemic facing the world and retail rage is becoming a new reality for workers during the coronavirus age. We have omitted most of these to focus on other stories throughout the years.

  • Apple Store Attack: Back in 2012 group of angry shoppers pelted the Apple Store in Beijing with eggs and scuffles ensued with the police after they were informed that the iPhone 4S would not be sold at the shop on the date that had been advertised. Some customers had queued all night to get their hands on the iPhone 4S and weren't happy to be told they wouldn't be able to purchase it.
  • Christmas Stress and Angry Shoppers: In 2006 the countdown to Christmas coupled with stress led to a lot of angry shoppers and malls around the world reported a rise in angry shoppers. Shoppers were on edge and a study showed a marked increase in customer abuse on staff.
  • Angry Shoppers Support Fired Walmart Greeter: This happened in 2016 where a 78-year-old mistakenly took toilet paper to his van while he was changing his oxygen tank. He was fired and accused of theft and a large number of customers said they would no longer shop at the Canadian Walmart store.
  • Angry Shopper Goes Viral: In British Columbia in 2019, a woman's angry tirade at a drug mart went viral. The video showed a woman getting extremely angry at a staff member and it was shared to highlight that this behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Nonessential Items Unavailable: In April 2020, Walmart, Target, and Costco stores were making the news after angry shoppers slammed the new rules preventing the sale of 'nonessential' items such as toys and clothing. This didn't just happen in the US and in countries around the world, many shoppers were frustrated and angry to find that they could no longer buy clothes, toys, and even books in some stores. The reason behind the new rules was to prevent shoppers from browsing or spending extra time in the stores. What caused a lot of the anger were the items were on the shelves but cordoned off and there have been numerous news reports of similar incidents around the world in the past number of months as the continuing COVID-19 pandemic keeps things closed.
  • Fight Erupts in Morrisons: In December of 2020, a fight erupted in Morrisons as angry shoppers clashed in a row over a bicycle inside the supermarket and two security guards were assaulted.

Digital Leads the Way in Reducing Angry Shoppers

As you can see, news media outlets tend to get excited when angry shoppers go wild and a Black Friday stampede with angry shoppers fighting it out over toys and other items is a regular news item. Things have shifted in that last number of years where shoppers no longer have to stand in queues or elbow past one another. Now all they have to do is sit at home and scroll. Black Friday sales have grown more than 23.6% but physical store visits have dropped by 1.7%. Consumers are spending more time online and online shopping has become a normal element for many. Digital shopping is becoming the new dominant and it is leading the way in a reduction of angry shoppers and sales assistants who have to deal with their bursts of outrage.

Gamblers are Shoppers Too

Gamblers are Shoppers Too

Gamblers are shoppers too, right? They spend money on casino games or betting on sporting events, and as such they get angry too. There is a big difference between angry shoppers and angry gamblers though. While angry shoppers have been found to be super focused and get the purchases they want, angry gamblers risk losing a lot more - and this goes way back to the first-ever no deposit bonus offers.

Angry gamblers tend to be seen more in the physical world. If you were in a casino and watched people playing the slots, you'd see a number of different types, but you will more than likely avoid the angry gambler. You can always spot them. They are losing money and ranting and raving about the slot machine they are playing. Many will take their frustrations out on the machine too by hitting, kicking, or even punching them. They try to convince everyone that the slot machines are fixed or rigged. These people get angry because they are losing and more often than not will continue to feed the slot machine to prove their point.

A study carried out in 2018 in Adelaide, Australia found that gambling woes can cause anger in men and sadness in women. This usually happens when customers are gambling beyond their means. Men were found to show signs of rage while women tended to have a more emotional breakdown. Researchers analyzed data from two studies on frequent gamblers to look at negative behavior. There were 1,185 people studies split evenly between men and women. 338 identified as problem gamblers. Men reported feeling angry when they lost. Women showed signs of sadness or depression.

Responsible gambling has become a big thing at online gambling sites over the past couple of years and all the top licensed and regulated online casinos must have responsible gambling protocols in place. There are features that customers can use should they feel they have or are developing a gambling product. All the top sites we've reviewed have a dedicated page on their website for responsible gaming and many include a set of questions that players can ask themselves. The most common features available to players are the ability to set deposit limits, set game session time-limits, time-outs, and self-exclusion. These new features are very welcome and we have also seen a number of regulatory bodies, in particular, the UK Gambling Commission, enforcing new gambling laws to tackle problem gambling and make online gambling an even safer environment.

Angry Gamblers Making the News

Angry gamblers are not new, and a quick Google search will reveal plenty of videos and news articles. You can even watch videos of the angriest bettors leaving voicemails to vent their frustrations. We've combed through them to bring you some that really stood out and listed them below.

  • Hundreds of angry gamblers have taken their frustrations out on slot machines at Resorts World Casino in Queens with more than 500 arrests being made since its opening in 2011.
  • There was one woman who drove her motor home through the front doors of a Nevada casino because she was angry at being asked to leave.
  • PlayNow sports betting mistakes caused a stir with an angry gambler in 2015 when his winning bet was paid out and then voided. Single event betting is illegal in Canada but those bets were being allowed by the B.C. Lottery Corporation and had been paid out at least once before being reversed. A Vancouver resident placed a bet on Argentina making it to the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup. He won and his $2,500 was paid out before being voided two days later and BCLC asked for the money back.

Why do people get angry when gambling? The number one reason is that most people don't like to lose especially when it's their own money on the line. Other reasons can include ego, frustration, or even fatigue. When you allow anger to get the best of you, it can cloud your judgement, and this is never a good thing when gambling.

How to Control Your Temper When Gambling Online

It's never fun to lose your temper and even more so when you are gambling online. Betting in anger or acting on frustrations can lead you to lose a lot of hard-earned money. Below are some steps to help.

  • Always make sure that you take the time to uncover the reason you're losing your temper. If it's because you are losing more money than you want, it might be a good idea to set a budget and stick to it. Having a set amount that you are willing to lose is essential. If your budget is low there are ways to enjoy online casino games. Most of the best sites have a fun play option where you can play demo versions of the games without spending anything. Casino bonuses such as no deposit offers and free spins are another way to enjoy the entertainment value without any risk.
  • Set up some actionable steps you can take when you feel yourself getting angry. Whether this is taking a break or setting session limits, or playing a different game is entirely up to you. Make a list of steps you can take and follow them.
  • Take a few deep breaths and only make a bet when you feel calm and relaxed. Never try to chase your losses and never gamble when you are angry or frustrated.
  • Never rely on online gambling as your primary means of relaxation especially if you are playing for real money. You need to have other ways to relax away from the casino.
  • Always remember, when gambling stops being fun, stop.

How to Avoid Altercations with Angry Gamblers

Angry gamblers are not fun to be around and if you are visiting a brick and mortar casino or playing live dealer games at your favorite online gambling site, there are some ways to avoid getting into arguments with your fellow players without having to shut off your computer.

  • Avoid or Limit Alcohol: Never drink excessively when gambling as it impairs your judgment and affects your gambling skills. If you are at a casino it is wise to limit your alcohol intake too.
  • Don't Annoy the Dealer: Live casino games are a great way to enjoy the thrill of Vegas without having to leave home and they allow you to chat and interact with the dealer and other players. Constant distractions or not knowing how to play the game can anger other players at the table so try to make sure you know what you're doing before you play.
  • Use Strategies: When playing games, in particular blackjack, try to use the basic strategy. This can help to avoid unnecessary arguments where you might do something others at the table are not expecting.
  • Know the Rules: Always make sure you know the rules of the game, the betting limits, and how to play, before joining a live dealer table. Most online casinos offer instructions on all the table games.