Online Gambling Strategies You Can Use To Win More Often

It never hurts to keep learning new tips and tricks, especially when it comes to gambling at online casinos. With the coronavirus pandemic shifting a lot of gambling from land-based to online casinos, there's no better time to pick up some new strategies for improving your winning odds. In this article, we'll focus on some strategical and psychological pointers you can use to find success at online casinos. If you want to take your online gambling to the next level, be sure to utilize these tips!

Online Gambling Strategies

Online Gambling Strategies and Planning - Know The RTPs

Perhaps the simplest and most effective way to get smarter with your bets is to know the RTPs of the games you're playing. RTP, or Return to Player, is the percentage of your wagers that you can expect to be won back from playing a certain casino game. As an example, if a slot machine game had an RTP of 90%, you could expect to win back 90 cents for every dollar you wager. RTP is most commonly attached to slot machine games, but you can calculate the RTP of any casino game. For example, experts generally agree that Blackjack has the highest RTP among classic casino table games at above 99% with perfect play.

With this knowledge, it becomes clear why RTP is important. If what you're concerned with is your overall chances of winning your bets back and potentially profiting, starting off with high RTP games is not a bad strategy. A couple titles that are consistently brought up as having sky high RTPs of 99% are Mega Joker by NetEnt and Ugga Bugga by Playtech. You can take advantage of RTP especially at the top online real money casinos, where popular slot machine titles should have their RTPs documented by the software provider. However, even if this information is not directly provided by the casino, a quick Google search should do the trick.

Now of course, RTP isn't everything. Just because a slot machine has a high RTP doesn't automatically mean you will win more--in fact, certain machines with low RTPs may be attractive due to potentially higher jackpots. Ultimately, it's a balancing act of risk versus reward. But regardless, knowing the RTPs of the games you're playing is a must to make smarter wagers. It may be good to do some research to avoid some of the low RTP games offered at your casino.

Online Gambling Tips

Learn How to Master Blackjack

Remember in the previous section when we talked about Blackjack having a high theoretical RTP? We don't want to force you to play any particular game - after all, playing in online casinos is all about your personal entertainment. However, if you were going purely off statistical probability, you would find that your best chances of emerging from the casino profitable is to ditch most slot machines (unless you can use free spin bonuses) and simply play at the live blackjack tables. This is an effective strategy especially for beginners looking for a good first casino game to learn.

Depending on the variant of blackjack, the theoretical RTP can hit 99.50% or higher. Of course, this depends on having a bulletproof blackjack strategy where there is a predetermined optimal strategy for any player and dealer hand combination. Countless studies were dedicated to understanding the best play in each scenario that would lead to the highest chances of winning. For example, some common advice will tell you always split aces and never split tens. Another strategy when you have 12 through 16 is to always stand against a dealer hand containing 2 through 6, and always hit otherwise. Commiting these strategies to memory will definitely give you a leg up at online blackjack tables.

Consider Online Strategies for Gambling like the Martingale

One of the simplest and near fool-proof casino betting strategies out there is the Martingale strategy. Done correctly, the Martingale strategy will always return a profit. The idea behind it is simple: start with an initial bet, and every time you lose, double up your bet until you win. Once you do win, return to your initial bet and just keep following the same rule.

The Martingale can be applied to nearly any casino table game, such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Say you're sitting at the roulette table and you place a $1 bet on red and lose. According to the Martingale, you should double up and bet $2 on red. If you win, you end up with a net $1 in profit. If you lose, you are now $3 in the red (pun intended) and should thus double up again and bet $4 on the next. Again, if you win, you'll have a net $1 profit, and if you lose, you continue doubling down. Done consistently, you will eventually end up with a small profit every time.

In practice, this is a little more complicated. Critics of the Martingale will tell you that while small profits are nearly guaranteed, there is a chance you could sustain huge potential losses as well. To make matters worse, most casinos will have betting limits on their various games, which puts a max cap on how many consecutive losses you can suffer before you aren't allowed to double down any further. In addition, a couple consecutive losses can psychologically dissuade you from making the next larger bet. The bottom line is, even the most optimal betting strategies carry risk, so use with caution.

Slow Down!

It sounds insanely simple, but slow down while you're playing. Because every game has an RTP of below 100%--which essentially means the casino has the edge in every single game--the faster you play, the more chances the casino has to ultimately make money off of you. To lessen this effect of the 'house edge,' you want to slow down and only make calculated bets. In addition to this, the psychological effects of playing rushed can lead to buyer's remorse and many ill-advised decisions. One loss can quickly turn into many more, turning even the most experienced bettors into a never-ending spiral of tilt.

It's important to realize that most casinos are specifically designed to try and get customers to speed up their gambling. Ever wonder why many casino gaming floors are wide open spaces? It turns out that seeing 90 degree angles activate the decision-making parts of the brain, which casinos try their best to discourage! Many casinos also do not have windows or clocks, making it easier for patrons to lose sense of time. Finally, many slot machines ring in major tones, which subconsciously makes you stay and play more due to the pleasant tones. Of course, at online casinos, only some of these factors apply. However, the constantly improving graphics provided by no deposit casino software providers along with ease of play can also trap you into playing much faster than you intended. Constantly reminding yourself to slow down your gambling can be a huge game-changer.

Beware of Online Gambling Terms

Take Advantage of Bonuses but Read The Fine Print

Some online casinos are just not safe - even if you manage to find no deposit offers. This is the unfortunate truth, and we will always do our best to ensure player safety and security in all of our online casino reviews. While it has gotten easier over time to detect scammy casinos and shut them down, some still do exist. However, even at the safest of casinos, sometimes all it takes is one line of fine print to void an entire deposit bonus. That's why this tip is dedicated to reminding all players to please read the fine print in your casino's terms and conditions to make sure you are disqualifying yourself from payouts!

The first draw to most online casinos is the signup bonus offers. However, many of them come with some fine print. Take, for example, a signup bonus that matches 100% of a deposit up to $500. On the surface, it would appear that depositing $500 would instantly net you a bonus $500, making your total playable funds $1,000 from the outset. While this may be true, the fine print may also contain conditions such as:

  • Bonus funds must be wagered at least 25x before they become available for withdrawal.
  • Bonus funds must be wagered at least 10x on Bonanza before they become available for withdrawal.
  • Bonus funds must be wagered at least 10x within fourteen days of claiming the bonus, otherwise funds and all associated winnings will be forfeited.

These are extremely common bonus terms and conditions that apply to most bonuses. Like the three above, they usually boil down to wagering requirements, specific game requirements, and time limits. So while reading the fine print isn't a gambling strategy per se, it can save you from losing out on a lot of bonus funds and potential winnings. Ultimately, the goal is to have fun and win some money gambling at online casinos, and this tip helps with both!

One good tip is to find reliable casino sites that are open about their terms. A couple of good choices and who sometimes offer no deposit bonuses are 888 Casino, and for Australian no depost bonus hunters, also Fair Go Casino.

Hopefully, you found value in these five online gambling strategies you can use to win at online casinos more often. We kept these tips short and general, such that anyone looking to quickly pick up on online gambling can get started right away with a decent arsenal of strategies. Of course, you may prefer some casino games over others, and learning specific strategies for those games certainly won't hurt! This guide was simply meant to act as a springboard for you to start dominating in your online casino career. To get started and test some of these strategies out with minimal risk, you may consider consulting our list of currently active bonus codes here at NoDepositWow that our team has put together!