Biggest Days of the Year for Free Casino Coupons

Throughout the year different cultures, religions, and nations celebrate a wide variety of events, from single days to a whole festive season, and serious moments to sporting spectacles. These times can be accompanied by merriment (often alcohol induced), feasts, treats, and special offers. Here are some of the best holidays for free no deposit casino bonus coupons from online betting sites, and a few examples of games based on seasonal themes.

Biggest Days of the Year for Free Coupons
valentines free coupons

Valentine's Day Bonus Codes

Valentine's Day is celebrated throughout the world by romantic couples, and gift card and confectionary companies. Here at we also find it to be one of the most popular holidays for free no deposit coupons at online betting sites as many games have romance themes. The origins of the day itself are rather grimmer. Saint Valentine, also patron saint of beekeepers and epilepsy, was martyred in the 3rd century AD during one of the Roman Empire's anti-Christian persecutions (before Constantine the Great made it the state religion). The precise details of his demise are uncertain but it was certainly a grisly way to go.

But when it comes to the modern world, Saint Valentine is synonymous with romance, and it's this rather happier theme that forms the basis of his day's celebration. Online betting sites often have little giveaways over the Valentine's Day holiday and thereabouts, and the numerous casino games associated with romantic themes means there's no shortage of fun ways to mix betting with Saint Valentine. One of the most enduring favorites players enjoy (both during this holiday and the rest of the year) is Immortal Romance, by Microgaming and which can be played with no deposit at 888 Casino. This vampiric game takes a sanguine approach to matters of the heart, and features 243 ways to win, in addition to free spins and wilds, and a good RTP of 96.86%.

st. patrick free coupons

Saint Patrick's Day No Deposit Offers

Saint Patrick, pots of gold, and leprechauns are popular themes when it comes to online casino games, and the saint's day is celebrated not just in the Emerald Isle but all around the world. It might just be the copious amount of beer that makes this a free coupons holiday favorite, but between the supernatural element, rainbow, and pot of gold, there are plenty of fun hooks that can act as narrative backdrops to casino games.

The real life Saint Patrick died in the 5th century AD, and is the patron saint of Ireland. The genesis of the beer association is actually historical, as the restrictions on alcohol around Lent were suspended for the celebration of the saint's day.

There's every chance to enjoy the luck of the Irish with Golden Leprechaun Megaways, a slot by Red Tiger Gaming. It comes with a faintly ridiculous 117,649 ways to win, and a number of special features such as stacked wilds, multipliers, and random wilds. Other similar free casino slots include Rainbow Riches Leprechauns, Slots O' Gold, and Well Well Well Buckets O' Gold.

christmas free coupons

No Deposit Christmas Coupons

It's the most wonderful time of the year, whether you call it Christmas, Yuletide, the Feast of the Nativity, or just 'the holidays'. Free vouchers as well as presents abound in the deepest winter, something to warm the cockles of a player's heart. Sometimes, online wagering can be a pleasant distraction from Christmas itself as, more than any other time of the year on this list, it can be a lot of work, from preparing a feast for the special day to trying to buy good presents and getting angry shopping for friends and family (which can sometimes be a lot more difficult than it sounds).

Celebrating the birth of Jesus, Christmas has grown to become both a religious and secular festival, the latter making it widely adopted even by atheists and those of other faiths. Plus, lots of people get time off work which makes it an ideal spot in the calendar for seasonal promotions at online betting sites.

Christmas holidays free coupons can take certain particular forms, sometimes mirroring the Twelve Days of Christmas, with a little stocking filler every day, or even an Advent Calendar of mini-promos through the festive season. Naturally, there are some Christmas-themed online casino slots that might be particularly popular, such as Aloha Christmas, Christmas Carol Megaways, and Christmas Cashpots.

easter free coupons


We all love giant albino lagomorphs (such as the Easter Bunny), and Easter is a nice, low-stress sort of holiday that people can participate in, or not, as they like. And chocoholics can look forward to Easter eggs being cut price the day after the festival finishes, which makes it a favorite for those with a sweet tooth. There's also a nice surreal air to celebrating the rising again of Jesus through the perhaps unexpected character of a giant rabbit that dispenses chocolate eggs. In addition to an egg or two, players can often have little Easter bonus gifts courtesy of online betting sites.

Casino games sometimes have Easter themes, which can vary from the holiday itself, to the Easter bunny, chocolate eggs, and hot cross buns. Popular examples include Hot Cross Bunnies Loadsabunny, and Easter Surprise. Chocolate Cash Pots by Inspired Gaming is another Easter-related slot, which combines cuddly animals with chocolate delights on the 5x3 reels. Get six bonus egg symbols to appear and you'll be rewarded with respins in this vibrant and cheery slot.

olympics free coupons

Olympics-themed No Deposit Bonuses

Not every highlight in the free coupons holiday calendar comes around every single year. Some, such as the Summer and Winter Olympics, are every other year (counting both together) but often provide great giveaways from online betting sites keen to take advantage of the sporting frenzy that accompanies these global tournaments. In addition to other types of coupon, free entry to slots tournaments and the like are among the free extras players can enjoy when the Olympics are on.

Perhaps more than any other seasonal event, the Summer and Winter Olympics have a global appeal, which means that both players and betting sites in pretty much every country on the planet are into them (or, at least, aware that the Olympics are going on). This ubiquitous nature makes them among the top holidays for free coupons.

Sports are a common theme for slots, but there's also an increasingly popular new games category ideally suited to Olympic season: virtual sports. Most commonly virtual sports involve races of greyhounds, horses, and cars (and with some soccer thrown in for good measure). Slots with a sports theme include Olympic Cash, Cricket Star, and Football: Championship Cup, as well as Football Glory, Wildhound Derby, and Super Sumo.

superbowl free coupons

Super Bowl NDB Codes

One great moment in the sporting year is the Super Bowl, and this can often also be a great time to pick up free casino coupons. Holidays don't just mean religious or cultural events, they do include sport, after all. This can be a little more North America specific, as gridiron fans exist around the world but the sport's fanbase is predominantly a mix of players from the USA and Canada (in Europe and the rest of the world, soccer tends to take center stage). So, whether your team is going all the way or you're after some free spins or other promos as a consolation prize, the Super Bowl can double up as a holiday for free vouchers.

Gridiron Glory is a 243 ways to win slot that features, as you may've guessed, an NFL theme, and one that also comes with cascading reels. The symbols denote players such as the kicker, and the referee too, with the wild represented by yellow football helmets. Bonus free spins can be won with multipliers, both increasing the more scatters appear on the reels. 4th & Goal Slot is another American football slot game, and if you prefer the European 'football' (soccer) then check out games like Football Star, Football Favourites, and Football Rules.

halloween free coupons

Halloween/Bonfire Night

What's the difference between Halloween and Bonfire Night (also known as Guy Fawkes Night)? They happen in close proximity to one another (end of October and the 5th of November, which every child should take care to remember). But one is a time of superstition, religion, and folklore, while the other originated in a political plot to blow up Parliament and commit regicide into the bargain.

Halloween is the popular evolution of the eve of All Hallows' Day, with possible pagan roots dating back to Samhain. In the modern world, it's generally an excuse to have fun, from kids trick or treating, to activities like bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, and dressing up as scary monsters for fancy dress parties. Because only a few days pass between Halloween and Bonfire Night, the two can form one longer celebration.

Bonfire/Guy Fawkes Night is a primarily British holiday but is occasionally celebrated further afield. The eponymous figure was arrested for being underneath the House of Lords with an alarming amount of gunpowder, leading to the slightly ironic commemoration of huge numbers of fireworks being set off (and the occasionally macabre practice of burning a Guy mannequin, or other disliked figure, on a bonfire). Whether celebrating Halloween or Bonfire Night, ghouls and Guy Fawkes alike are featured in many slots for which players can enjoy free coupons and bonuses to win real money during these holidays.

summertime free coupons

Summer-Themed No Deposit Casino Coupons

Getting away from it all and going on holiday in the summer is a time of year many people look forward to (at least, when there isn't a pandemic lockdown on). A family favorite due to the lengthy school holidays, vacations during this sunniest time of the year can vary from simply enjoying a break from work to jetting off to tropical getaways and paradise islands. Or delving into ancient ruins, visiting world-famous sites, or lazing on the beach deciding which cocktail to order next. Everybody likes a break now and then, so regardless of country or culture, this is one holiday everyone can appreciate.

Time off work, school, or university is the perfect time for pastimes like sports, reading, and enjoying games at online betting sites. One very on-topic slot for which you might get free spins during the summer holiday is Tropical Holiday, developed by online casino software firm Play'n GO. It's inspired, as the name suggests, by a holiday in Hawaii, and comes with 25 paylines and 5 reels. A cheerful and bright graphical style fits in nicely with the theme, and there are a variety of bonus symbols, such as the beach party for wilds and airplane scatters. Get five wilds on the reels and 10,000 coins can be yours. The game also has free spins, and the Treasure Dive bonus game which is triggered when you have at least three bonus symbols. Plus there's a progressive jackpot to try and win.

All through the year there are great cultural, sporting, and religious events that provide a welcome respite from daily work or the hectic bustle of everyday life. Better yet, these calendar highlights also regularly come with free coupons, and holidays that aren't even celebrated in your country might yield special promos, which can be a nice surprise. Having said that, online casinos rarely miss an opportunity to send players marketing offers which is why many free casino promos are country-specific. For instance, the USA no deposit casinos send out tons of offers during Thanksgiving and Black Friday holidays. In Germany, Oktoberfest is a ripe opportunity for German ND promos, and in Australia, thier online casinos roll out a ton of no deposit bonuses between New Years and Australia Day.